En mer än befogad kritik av medias i Väst krigspropaganda, den som vi sett tidigare mot Libyen och nu ser mot Syrien:

TVWHO: Russ Baker on Syria(utlagd 26/7 2012)


Länkar/rekommenderad läsning:
– Replacing government 101: Syrian rebels learn democracy in Germany, Friends of Syria 29/7 2012 (Citat: A group of top Syrian opposition figures took courses in governing a country in Berlin. The training, partially sponsored by the US State Department, is meant to come in handy after the Bashar al-Assad regime falls.)
- Washington’s Latest War Crime, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Friends of Syra 27/7 2012 (Citat: The following is from a leaked intelligence document…Once a political decision has been reached to proceed with internal disturbances in Syria, CIA is prepared, and SIS (MI6) will attempt to mount minor sabotage and coup de main (sic) incidents within Syria, working through contacts with individuals. …Incidents should not be concentrated in Damascus …)
- NATO’s Libya blitzkrieg and the coming colonial wars, Dan Glazebrook, Libya S.O.S 28/7 2012 (Citat: The destruction of the state’s forces by British, French and American blitzkrieg has left the country in a state of total anarchy – in the worst possible sense of the word….Libyan resources are now being jointly plundered by the oil multinationals and a handful of chosen families from amongst the country’s new elites; a classic neo-colonial stitch-up.
The use of these resources for giant infrastructure projects such as the Great Manmade River, and the massive raising of living standards over the past four decades (Libyan life expectancy rose from 51 to 77 since Gaddafi came to power in 1969) sadly looks to have already become a thing of the past…..
Even more indicative of the contempt for the rule of law amongst the new government… – is Law 38. This law has now guaranteed immunity from prosecution for anyone who committed crimes aimed at ‘promoting or protecting the revolution’. Those responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Tawergha – such as Misrata’s self-proclaimed ‘brigade for the purging of black skins’ – can continue their hunting down of that cities’ refugees in the full knowledge that they have the new ‘law’ on their side.)

- Syria: A Turn In Western Media Coverage? Moon of Alabama 28/7 2012: (Citat: There seems to be slight turn in the western media coverage of Syria. Here in Germany the press has now more reports showing the ”rebels” as what they really are: traveling jihadists and foreign paid rabble. När somliga media nu börjar rapportera lite mer sanningsenligt om vilka (åtminstone en del av) upprorsmännen i Syrien är, så blir man ju dessvärre misstänksam även av den orsaken. Vad har USA/EU/Nato i kikaren nu? Att ingripa med kängor på marken i Syrien med hänvisning till att Al Qaida inte kan tillåtas få för stor makt där, och måste förhindras att lägga vantarna på de nu så omtalade biologiska stridsmedlen i Syrien?