Obama Turned Out Worse Than Bush – Dan Glazebrook 

Så en libyer om Libyen och Ghadafi. Kan ju vara intressant att lyssna till en av dem vi inte fick höra alls innan Nato bombade Libyen och såg till att Ghadafi lynchades:

”We Miss Him a lot” – Libyan National (Muammar Gaddafi Memorial, London

Därefter ytterliga en person, av alla dem media inte ens låtsades om existensen av:

Gaddafi Tribute – Asari Sobukwe, All African Peoples Revolutionary Party

Ännu en röst:

Gaddafi Tribute – Minkah Odofo, Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum


Syria’s Crumbling Pluralism, Kapil Komireddi,The New York Times 3/8 2012 (En av de lite mer balanserade artiklar man kan finna i stora tidningar i ex. USA – men inte i några svenska media, som är så vinklade att man inte tror att det är sant. Det enda i denna artikel som är missvisande är föreställningen som den sprider, att USA inte är inblandat i kriget mot Syrien, vilket förstås är helt fel. Varken Qatar eller Saudiarabien gör något utan USA:s välsignelse.
Citat: The seeming indifference of the international community to the worsening condition of Syria’s religious minorities — and the near total absence of censure of the opposition forces by the Western governments arrayed against Assad — is breeding a bitter anti-Americanism among many secular Syrians who see the United States aligning itself with Saudi Arabia, the fount of Wahhabism, against the Arab world’s most resolutely secular state…
och vidare lite längre ner i artikeln: Washington is aware of the scale of the problem. As early as June 2011, Robert Stephen Ford, the U.S. ambassador to Syria, briefed his counterparts in Damascus about Al Qaeda’s penetration of the opposition forces. By still ploughing ahead with its support for Saudi Arabia’s effort to destabilize Syria, Washington, far from assisting Israel or weakening Iran, is helping to fuel a humanitarian crisis that will come back to haunt the United States.)
– Syria: The descent into Holy War World View: The world decided to back the rebels last week, but this is no fight between goodies and baddies, Patrick Cockburn, The Independent 16/12
Thierry Meyssan: ”Syrian terrorists were trained by the KLA in Kosovo”, Thierry Meyssan, Voltairenet.org 10/12 2012
SUPPORTING THE DOHA COALITION VIOLATES INTERNATIONAL LAW, Alexandra Valiente, Syria 360 grader 20/11 2012 (Citat:  Muammar Gaddafi did apply to both the UN and the ICC early into the NATO assault on Libya, demanding a fact-finding mission, full investigation and war crimes prosecutions. Both bodies ignored Libya. Their ICC appeal was filed by an Italian lawyer on behalf of Muammar Gaddafi and the Kings of Africa. (http://libyadiary.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/press-release-forum-of-kings-of-africa-may-2011.pdf)
ALL international lawyers have betrayed Libya. We were led to believe there would be a group filing war crimes complaints against NATO. The only lawyers that have persisted and actually made significant advances are Franklin Lamb’s team. They won their case to strip NATO of immunity so NATO would (for the first time in its history) be forced to stand trial for the Sorman Massacre.
We expected other lawyers to swoop in and exploit NATO’s sudden vulnerability, but they withdrew, which was cowardly and immoral.)